Getting Started in GZWA

How does GZWA work? Led by: Xion Zeros

Explaining the methods to GZWA's madness.

'*** Forum Rules ***'
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Sub-board: Rules and Regulations

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Sign on the dotted line. Apply for a position on the GZWA roster.

We accept both CAWs (Create-a-Wrestler) and real wrestlers. Please review our rules & regulations carefully and if you have any questions, contact the admin or one of the moderators.

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Introduce Yourself

This board is strictly introducing yourself and meeting with your fellow members of this forum, which should ease some awkwardness for new members.

News & Company Media

Breaking News & Rumors Led by: Xion Zeros

All update news and rumors for all your favorite GZWA Superstars and Vixens will be found here.

'BREAKING -- Commissioner's Leave of Absence Cause Revealed'
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Sub-board: Forum Updates & Maintenance

Current Roster Led by: Xion Zeros

GZWA's complete current roster.

'*** Ground Zero Wrestling Association -- CURRENT Roster ***'
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Championship & Accomplishments History

Every championship win, and any other accolades can be found here.

'End of Year Awards 2014 Nomination Topic'
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Sub-board: Awards

Member Galleries

Members can archive photos of ALL of their character(s) here. This is NOT limited to Vixens, Superstars can do so as well.

'*"The Iceman" Konrad Raab's Gallery'
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Vixen Photoshoots & Galleries

Exclusive phootshoots, featuring the sexy women of the GZWA roster.

Affiliate With GZWA Led by: Xion Zeros

If you wish to affiliate with us, please do so.

'Candian Wrestling Alliance'
Aug 23, 2015 14:32:24 GMT -5, by Wonder Girl
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Talent Database

The staff of Ground Zero Wrestling Association

'Analise Baptiste "Tropical Siren"'
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Sub-boards: GZWA Management Profiles, Backstage Personnel Profiles

'Carnage '
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'Jade Justice'
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'Rose Cortez'
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Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) & Guest Stars

Profiles for NPCs and Guest Stars that appear in roleplays and segments

'Justine's NPC/Family Characters'
Mar 7, 2016 0:39:05 GMT -5, by DELT∆
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Released/Former Talent

'Anya Petrova'
Jan 21, 2016 16:27:33 GMT -5, by joanna
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Sub-board: Defunct/Former Tag Teams

Match Card Previews

'Primetime 4-4-16'
Mar 21, 2016 18:50:50 GMT -5, by Xion Zeros
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'Xplosion 3-11-16 ** Post-Riot Control **'
Mar 9, 2016 3:50:41 GMT -5, by "The Iceman" Konrad Raab
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'LiveWire Match Card -- May 6, 2016'
May 2, 2016 4:49:35 GMT -5, by Xion Zeros
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Pay-Per-View Previews Led by: Xion Zeros

Elite Wrestling Network


Live events - featuring our three flagship brands, Xplosion, Livewire, and Primetime, including house shows and specials can be found here.

'Primetime 4-4-16 (Airing on tape delay)'
Apr 20, 2016 12:54:57 GMT -5, by Xion Zeros
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Sub-boards: GZWA Xplosion, GZWA Primetime, GZWA Livewire, GZWA House Shows

Pay-Per-Views Led by: Xion Zeros

GZWA PPV results are found here.

'Riot Control 2016 -- Results'
Feb 29, 2016 23:37:25 GMT -5, by Xion Zeros
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Original Programming for the Elite Wrestling Network can be found here.

This includes but not limited to:

'ReAction -- Primetime 4-4-16'
May 4, 2016 20:15:53 GMT -5, by DELT∆
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Sub-boards: GZWA Hot Spot, GZWA ReAction

Led by: ❀ℋine 'ea❀, D₳sh~

A reality TV Show following everyday lives of selected GZWA Vixens, in and out of the ring.

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Archived results and footage from our partners.

Currently hosting archives from:

No posts have been made on this board.

Sub-boards: NYWA (Archive), Blazing Sin Wrestling (Archive), Ring of Beauty (Archive), ZXWWF (Archive)

NSE has their hands in athletics, modeling, music, magazines with their Juicy Magazine, and even reality television (#NoFilter). GZWA proudly welcomes NSE as a broadcasting partner as part of the Elite Wrestling Network.

'NSE Looking For Help'
May 4, 2016 16:46:03 GMT -5, by North Star Ent.
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Sub-boards: NSE Central, NSE Home Page

Roleplay Central

Character Development

Don't have a match or just want to work on your character and meet others? This is the place for that.

GZWA Backstage

Live on-air segments/vignettes during live event results. Roster members can include skits/segments that missed their submission deadlines here.

GZWA Live Events

Promos towards upcoming matches on GZWA programming and live events.

'I came to play'
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Sub-boards: GZWA Primetime Promos, GZWA Xplosion Promos, GZWA LiveWire Promos, GZWA PPV Promos

Out of Character

GZWA Discussion

Anything that pertains to GZWA in an OOC way belongs here. Leave of absences (LOA), brainstorming, feedback, looking to start a collaboration, etc.

'Stardom Tag Team Tournament Sign-Ups'
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Sub-boards: Job Openings, Feedback, Storyline Collaborations

General Chat Led by: Xion Zeros

You can talk about anything here.

'What are you listening to?'
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Sub-boards: Blast from the Past, Pro Wrestling Discussion, Gaming Chat

Blogs, Fan Pages, Social Media

Share personal blogs, custom fan pages, and various other social media outlets here.

'GZWA Twitter Accounts'
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Sub-boards: YouTube Channels, EWR Diaries

Graphics Led by: DELT∆

GFX Artists are encouraged to post samples of their work here. All requests on Request sub-board.

Sub-board: GFX Requests


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