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"The Sociopath" Paige: Yet they still make new episodes of The Simpsons, a show that hasn't been funny in ten years. Apr 16, 2014 19:05:26 GMT -5
Xion Zeros: Regular Show is this generation's Animaniacs and/or Freakazoid since it's SOOO over kids' heads to be considered a "kids" show. Same for Adventure Time, but that doesn't make me laugh as much as Regular Show. Apr 16, 2014 19:13:15 GMT -5
Xion Zeros: Simpsons stopped being funny when they try too hard to be Family Guy. Then I dare say it, but Family Guy is getting stale too. It's borderline offensive to try to be funny, especially that ep where Quagmire's sister was getting abused by her b/f. Apr 16, 2014 19:14:35 GMT -5
Xion Zeros: Still, I say American Dad is the best out of Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and American Dad. Apr 16, 2014 19:15:17 GMT -5
"The Sociopath" Paige: American Dad is my favorite Seth MacFarlane show Apr 16, 2014 19:24:02 GMT -5
Xion Zeros: Same here. It proves you don't have to have the main character be a complete moron for it to be entertaining. Apr 16, 2014 19:26:00 GMT -5
"The Sociopath" Paige: For some reason, Netflix has been fucking up all day for me. Apr 16, 2014 19:31:31 GMT -5
Justine: Anyone watch Bob's Burgers? I've seen a little bit but I don't mind it actually. Apr 16, 2014 19:49:59 GMT -5
"The Sociopath" Paige: I'm not really a fan of Bob's Burgers Apr 16, 2014 20:13:41 GMT -5
Xion Zeros: Me either, but I'm not a fan of 80-90% of what comes on Fox's Animation Block and Adult Swim, so I don't think my opinion counts LOL Apr 16, 2014 20:24:29 GMT -5 *
Justine: Thought I would get a reaction up because I'm on my holidays and I have nothing better to do :D Apr 17, 2014 0:57:40 GMT -5
♡☈ɑ√əη: Bob's Burgers is a good laugh. Louise is a trip lol Apr 17, 2014 8:12:47 GMT -5
♡☈ɑ√əη: And I still luv watching The Simpsons. Far as I'm concerned, Fox is dead to me when the Simpsons take the final bow off air Apr 17, 2014 8:18:41 GMT -5
Justice: Whatever season it was when they killed Marge was the last season of Simpsons for me. I was already down to part-time watcher as it was. For me, Family Guy was stale after the first season. I can't believe they're still making episodes of South Park... Apr 17, 2014 8:59:36 GMT -5
"The Sociopath" Paige: I would like to see Ronda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather just to see her knock him the fuck out. Apr 18, 2014 13:00:46 GMT -5
Justine: Paige Vs Endee.... That will be an interesting match up! Apr 19, 2014 1:12:00 GMT -5
Xion Zeros: I figured you'd like that one, Justine. Especially now that Endee's all grown up :P Apr 19, 2014 3:31:11 GMT -5
"The Sociopath" Paige: I like Endee's blue hair. Apr 19, 2014 8:10:03 GMT -5
"The Sociopath" Paige: So, there's gonna be a Mrs Doubtfire 2? Hmm... Apr 19, 2014 20:47:08 GMT -5
"The Sociopath" Paige: I can't wait for the return of this tonight: Apr 21, 2014 8:03:18 GMT -5 *